Dear Teachers and Students,

The School Forest Guidebook We walk the School Forest trails often during our 4th grade year. As we learn about the forest we also look for ways to give something back. It was decided this year (97-98) that we should let others know about the forest and help them make the most of their visits. We knew we had the beginnings of a book.*

Through a lengthy process over the months we brainstormed the format, wrote the chapters, took the pictures, refined the drawings and assembled everything into this book. Everyone contributed to this effort. Everyone is proud of the results.

We have had fun getting to know the forest habitat and publishing this guide. We hope you, too, discover The Madison School Forest. Have a great hike!

Dave Spitzer, 4th grade teacher, Lincoln Elementary School

* Boxed sets of 12 copies each were presented to all 30 elementary schools' libraries in September and October of 1998

The School Forest Guidebook:

by the 1997-98 4th Grade Students of Room 18 and David Spitzer, Teacher
Lincoln Elementary School, 909 Sequoia Trail
Madison, WI 53713



paw prints 1. Introduction to the Forest paw prints 2. Your First Visit to the Forest
paw prints 3. Overnight Trips paw prints 4. History of the Forest
paw prints 5. Plants And Plant History paw prints 6. Animals of the Forest
paw prints 7. Writings of the Forest: the Students of Room 18 paw prints 8. Games & Activities
paw prints 9. Internet Web Sites About Nature paw prints 10. Thank You

Schoolastic Publishing Company, Lincoln School, 909 Sequoia Trail, Madison, Wisconsin, 53713

Copyright May 1998

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